Monster U and Comics

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I saw Monster University earlier this week, and it is great! One thing I particularly found interesting was how they managed to make a great antagonist who isn’t a villain. I’ve seen this in some other movies to a certain extent, such as the Penny’s agent in Bolt or . . . well . . . I can’t think of anyone else, and even he is nothing like Dean Hardscrabble. She isn’t malicious, her actions would be justified in most circumstances and with the possible exceptions of one or two¬†are the correct actions. What makes her the antagonist is her belief that Mike and Sully could never make good students in the scare program, and when she is proven wrong she accepts it graciously. Simply put, she is a likable¬†antagonist.

In case you haven’t already guessed, my faith in Pixar has pretty much been restored. If next year’s “The Good Dinosaur” is as good, I think it will have recovered completely. The only doubts I have left are because Monster U isn’t entirely original, it is a prequel, and I frankly thought the short at the beginning, while good looking, didn’t have nearly as good of a story as, say, “Paperman”.

In other news, it turns out my dad has a bunch of comics in storage, so I will be able to use those for my research.

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