Comic Review: Megaman + New Computer

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Wow, I almost missed my “at least once a week” deadline. Sorry about that (even if no one seems to read this other than spammers yet), but I’ll give you this review to make up for it.

Recently me and my siblings ordered a bunch of Mega Man Graphic Novels that combine four or the comic books into one each. They arrived, and we’ve been eating them up (not literally, though they do look tasty . . . ).

First of all, I will point out that we’ve been watching reviews of these stories on Youtube, so we more or less knew what was going to happen, but I must say, other than pointing out video game references we wouldn’t have noticed, they are no substitute for the real thing. Even without the concept art and other bonuses in the back (I haven’t been able to look at those in depth yet) the art looks absolutely fantastic. Seriously, I had not expected to be blown away by the art in the first book, and it has remained great looking since then.

The story is also good, both as an adaptation of the games and in their own right. References abound, yet you don’t really need to be that familiar with the games to understand what is happening ,although I did notice that it took about half-way through the first issue for anyone to say or do anything that really shows that Rock and his sister Roll are robots rather than somewhat strange children. Also, rather than following the games verbatim, they mix it up enough to keep it entertaining for those who are already familiar with the franchise.

What I really makes these books so much fun for me though is the characters, from Mega Man himself to all the villains and supporting cast. They all have distinctive personalities, from the fan-bot Auto to the schizophrenic Crash Man to my personal favorite, Elec man. Even the OC’s (original characters) are believable and contribute to the story.

So, that’s my view. In other news, my old laptop finally got to old to be reliable, so I’ve bought a new one. I’m still getting used to it, so hopefully I won’t do or type something cow.

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Samson the Nazirite #1 Review

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Sorry for taking so long to get back with this, but I am ready to share my experience with the first issue of Samson the Nazirite.

The story begins with an Egyptian scribe being thrown into a Philistine prison with a blind man who we soon learn is Samson. We learn his story as he tells the scribe so it may be written down later, starting with the promise of his birth, up until the time he slayed the lion.

First, I must say that the artwork is fantastic. Not only is it incredibly realistic, but I love how they visually portray “The Spirit of the Lord” as he gives Samson guidance and strength, not to mention the angel. My only complaint is that part of the realism is the blood, this is not a story for younglings.

Make that two complaints, Samson is clean shaven. For a story that is trying to be historically and biblically accurate, you’d think the writers and artists would have realized “Hey, facial hair is also hair, so shaving would also have broken his Nazirite vow”.

Other than that, I enjoyed this comic very much, I wish it was longer, but that is what future issues are for.

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Pixar Theory: Plausible or Nonsense?

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The other day I read this article by Jon Negroni which made the hypothesis that all the Pixar movies are in the same universe. No really, Monsters Inc., Brave, Incredibles, Cars, etc. All one world and interconnected. It is very thorough, going into how Brave’s magic creates the intelligent animals and sentient machines, both Cars movies take place after all humans not on the Axiom died off but before they returned, and the monsters of Monsters Inc. are actually the descendants of either those humans or the animals. It is also strangely compelling, turning all the movies into one sweeping arc about the conflict between humans exploiting animals and things while at the same time being the source of the energy allowing them to think in the first place. That said, there are a couple holes in the theory. If you haven’t read it yet you may want to first.

There is life in Cars, in the form of plants. If the plants are still there then the Earth clearly hasn’t been made so toxic that humans couldn’t breathe, and no, not all the humans outside the cleanup crew were put on the Axiom. Furthermore, the Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator probes had been sent to Earth on an annual basis pretty much since the ship left, and the captains says quite clearly that EVE was the first one to come back positive, even as a “false alarm”.

Also in WALL-E, if the cockroach is an example of bugs rebounding faster from the disaster, followed by them acting as intelligent as humans in Bug’s Life, then I would expect him to show a little more intelligence. At most he seems to show the intelligence of a dog, good for a cockroach, but a far cry from human life.

Nonetheless, these are not insurmountable problems, a few tweaks in the theory could very well fix them. So on the whole, while I personally doubt this is the “truth” in the movies, it is certainly good enough for an epic fan fiction ( totally not an insult, I love fan fiction and have even written some myself). I’ll have to watch the movies with this idea in mind and see if it makes a difference. Should be fun.

In other news, I got part one of Samson the Nazirite in the mail today, I’ll have a look at it in a little bit. Looks interesting from what I saw on the website, but it may be a bit too much for children. Oh, by the way, when I ordered it there were only seven hard copies left, and now there are only three, so if you want to get a non-digital one you better hurry.

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MeHello Internet!

I decided to upload a photo of myself for three reasons.

1: So you can all know I am not some alien here to study you in preparation for an invasion.

2: So if you ever see my picture on the inside or back cover on a book you’ll be able to recognize me.

3: . . . My computer class requires me to post a picture of myself off the internet, and this was the easiest thing I could think of.

Till the invasion, er, I mean, till next time,

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Finished First Draft

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I thought I’d let everyone know that yesterday I finished the first draft of the first issue of my comic series, tentatively titled “Curz”. I have begun my search for someone to draw it.

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Happy Fourth & Comic Progress

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Just got back from a fireworks show. More importantly, I have completed 13 pages in my comic script, only 10 more to go.

I’ve made an interesting discovery while working on this script. Whenever you tell a story you are supposed to show, not tell. What that essentially means is when you want to show that your character is, say, afraid of spiders, you don’t just tell your reader that he is afraid of spiders, or have him say it to another character. You put a spider near him and watch him freak out. I sometimes have trouble doing this, but not with this comic. I think it is because since I have a limited space to work with so I’m forced to cut back on any unnecessary talking. It’s pretty nice.

Anyway, enough of that. Till next time,

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