Samson the Nazirite #1 Review

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Sorry for taking so long to get back with this, but I am ready to share my experience with the first issue of Samson the Nazirite.

The story begins with an Egyptian scribe being thrown into a Philistine prison with a blind man who we soon learn is Samson. We learn his story as he tells the scribe so it may be written down later, starting with the promise of his birth, up until the time he slayed the lion.

First, I must say that the artwork is fantastic. Not only is it incredibly realistic, but I love how they visually portray “The Spirit of the Lord” as he gives Samson guidance and strength, not to mention the angel. My only complaint is that part of the realism is the blood, this is not a story for younglings.

Make that two complaints, Samson is clean shaven. For a story that is trying to be historically and biblically¬†accurate, you’d think the writers and artists would have realized “Hey, facial hair¬†is also hair, so shaving would also have broken his Nazirite vow”.

Other than that, I enjoyed this comic very much, I wish it was longer, but that is what future issues are for.

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