Comic Review: Megaman + New Computer

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Wow, I almost missed my “at least once a week” deadline. Sorry about that (even if no one seems to read this other than spammers yet), but I’ll give you this review to make up for it.

Recently me and my siblings ordered a bunch of Mega Man Graphic Novels that combine four or the comic books into one each. They arrived, and we’ve been eating them up (not literally, though they do look tasty . . . ).

First of all, I will point out that we’ve been watching reviews of these stories on Youtube, so we more or less knew what was going to happen, but I must say, other than pointing out video game references we wouldn’t have noticed, they are no substitute for the real thing. Even without the concept art and other bonuses in the back (I haven’t been able to look at those in depth yet) the art looks absolutely fantastic. Seriously, I had not expected to be blown away by the art in the first book, and it has remained great looking since then.

The story is also good, both as an adaptation of the games and in their own right. References abound, yet you don’t really need to be that familiar with the games to understand what is happening ,although I did notice that it took about half-way through the first issue for anyone to say or do anything that really shows that Rock and his sister Roll are robots rather than somewhat strange children. Also, rather than following the games verbatim, they mix it up enough to keep it entertaining for those who are already familiar with the franchise.

What I really makes these books so much fun for me though is the characters, from Mega Man himself to all the villains and supporting cast. They all have distinctive personalities, from the fan-bot Auto to the schizophrenic Crash Man to my personal favorite, Elec man. Even the OC’s (original characters) are believable and contribute to the story.

So, that’s my view. In other news, my old laptop finally got to old to be reliable, so I’ve bought a new one. I’m still getting used to it, so hopefully I won’t do or type something cow.

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