Lost Contest & College

Hello Internet!

First off, remember that contest I entered a few weeks ago? Well, I didn’t make it to the second round. Oh well.

In other news, I also a few weeks ago started my Fall semester at college. I’m having a good time, and guess what? One of my classes is creative writing! Maybe with my professor’s permission I could put some of my submissions here on the site? I’ll let you all know next time I post.

Till then,

Goodbye Internet!

Late and Despicable Me 2

Hello Internet!

I am so sorry I have taken so long, I had some internet troubles last week, but even when I didn’t I forgot to post through forgetfulness. I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again. Okay, on to the important part of this post.

On Sunday I saw Despicable Me 2 with my family. I must say, I really enjoyed it, there were a lot of humorous parts, the characters were a great deal of fun, and I completely missed the point of the movie.

Wait, what? I’ll explain, but before I do:

Warning! Spoiler Alert! Warning! Spoiler Alert!

See, I thought that the climax of the movie was too easy, the heroes didn’t have enough almost-failures. I mentioned this to my mom on the way home, and she said the reason it felt like that to me was because I was focusing on the wrong part of the movie.

I was treating the “save the world” bit as the main plot and the romance bit as the subplot. According to her, if you flip it around so the romance is the main plot and saving the world is the subplot the ending makes much more sense. I think I can see what she means. I qualified that statement with “I think” because, well, to be honest I know very little about romantic movies. I’m not exactly sure I can even name a movie I’m familiar with where romance is the main focus. What’s worse, I don’t know of any modern romantic movies where the couples don’t┬ádo things before they are married that they shouldn’t, which means it will be pretty hard for me to learn. Oh well, I’ll take Despicable Me 2 as my first lesson.

Till next time (which will be a lot sooner this time),

Goodbye Internet!